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Aspiral Boosting Skills
Do you have an experienced but under-qualified workforce? Do you have talented staff that are ready to move onto the next level?

With as little as one hour a week from your employee, your teams could be gaining new skills and confidence.

  • More skills means better performance and less supervision
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Build on the talent you’ve already spotted
  • Retain the best staff and customers

This investment in their professional development with funded training from the government under the banner of Apprenticeships.


Our courses range from customer service to management and development and also include industry-specific courses for sectors like retail, teaching and fitness. Browse our full list of work-based training courses online or get in touch with us to discuss the available options.

Whether you're looking to build the skills of a team member or your own, find out what work-based learning could mean for you by reading the experience of James, his manager, Lee, and his assessor, Julie. 

Case Study

The Apprentice - James Freeburn, Catering Administrator, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

I was actually looking for a facilities-related NVQ for one of my reports when Julie, my assessor, mentioned the supervisor study for me. My degree gave me crossover skills but wasn’t enough to help me in my role. I realised fresh studying would help me step up a level. The NHS runs good training too but my Aspiral course gives me a wider understanding and a better background in the management principles because it’s not just NHS focused. Julie sets me work and gives me help on study methods and what I need to achieve at each stage. At the start, we spoke quite often, now we only meet once a month but I can call her if I need her to check I’m on track. I do two hours a week at work – often during lunch or after work – and another couple of hours at home. If work is hectic, I can be flexible and Julie helps me reset my study deadlines.

My boss has been really supportive and gives me an hour’s protected time to work – when I first started I think they worried I’d drop out. Now they’ve seen the change in me and my work and they’re the ones who are encouraging me to keep taking the next level of study.

James' Manager - Lee Kinrade, Facilities Manager, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

I’ve seen the difference in James. The courses have broadened his outlook and he’s learnt to work with wider systems – it’s certainly brought more confidence and maturity to every part of his work. Before I would have been more involved with his work but, even on really big projects, James can now get on with his work alone. He’s learnt how to bring people with him too and keep people informed. I make time for James’s assessor if she needs anything from me but really James manages his own study and I get to see the benefit.

I’ve seen potential in many people I manage – the biggest problem is lack of self-belief and it stops them taking on training like this. We have to develop the people that work for us and sometimes that means pushing them to make the first step – better learning makes my team’s output more professional and lifts everybody’s work.

James' Aspiral Business Trainer - Julie Dodd, Business Trainer, Aspiral Learning

Working with James has been straightforward and rewarding because he’s pushed himself to aim higher and achieve. He mentions projects at work now where he’s put his learning into action and he’s very clear in where he needs further development and how the modules help him refine his approach. There’s great trust between James and Lee and their respect for the work-based learning process is obvious. Lee is a great example of someone who wants to get the best from his team and has really embraced this cost-effective and flexible approach Aspiral delivers to achieve that.


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