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Process for applications for full time courses from International Students

Terms and Conditions

Basingstoke College of Technology operates by the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) Licensed Institution rules, which means that more checks will be carried out by UKVI to ensure that learners actually study once they have arrived in the UK.  Please refer to the UKVI website.

As a licensed institution Basingstoke College of Technology will:

  • Keep a copy of a student’s passport showing evidence of their entitlement to study
  • Keep a copy of a student’s prior qualification certificates
  • Keep each student’s contact details and update them as necessary
  • Report any student who fails to enrol on their course to the UKVI
  • Report any unauthorised absences in accordance with UKVI requirements
  • Report any student who withdraws from their studies to the UKVI
  • Report any significant changes in learner circumstances to the UKVI
  • Maintain any appropriate accreditation
  • Only offer courses at level 3 or above which apply comply with the Tier 4 conditions

Applications from international students to study on full-time courses as advertised in the college prospectus are welcomed. However, such applications need to be for a Level 3 course or above and must be a genuine full-time programme (minimum of 15 hours per week); we do not offer individual programmes that are made up of a number of part-time courses. Students are expected to be able to understand and express themselves in both written and spoken English at a level appropriate to the course of study. A minimum overall IELTS score of 5.5 across every element for Further Education Level 3 courses and a minimum overall IELTS score of 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 across every element for Higher Education courses. Any variation to this will be published on the individual course sheet.

In order to ensure that applicants are offered a course appropriate to their needs, they are required to complete an application form and attend an interview, for those applicants that are in the UK. For those applicants, who are residing outside the UK, complete an application form (which can be downloaded from the website), enclose a handwritten personal statement and evidence of an IELTS test score, qualification certificates and transcripts. The statement should consist of approximately 500 words and should state the reason for choosing the particular course of study, any previous experience or previous study which is relevant, and why BCoT is the preferred choice. Contact may be made by email, telephone or SKYPE if necessary in lieu of an interview.

Applications for Further Education courses should be forwarded to the Admissions Officer, Basingstoke College of Technology, Worting Road, Basingstoke, Hants RG21 8TN, England. 

Please note that applications for Higher Education courses (BA (Hons) Degree and Higher National Diploma need to be submitted via the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) website 

International students will be charged an ‘international’ fee which is higher than the advertised ‘home’ fee to cover the total cost of their tuition. The whole fee must be paid and students should ensure that they have sufficient funds to cover the college fees and their living expenses for the duration of the courseas set out on theUKVI web site. Students on two-year programmes must pay all fees due for the first year of study before they can join the second year and certificates will be only issued at the end of the course when all fees due have been paid.  

If an offer of a place is made, the course fees can either be paid in full or by payment of a £2000 deposit and a £180 administration charge that is non-refundable to secure a place on the course. On enrolment you will need to pay your outstanding balance. Any monies paid to secure the place less the £180 administration charge will be refunded in the event of the student’s visa application being rejected. Outstanding monies not received at the time of enrolment will result in non-commencement of studies.

Students will be required to bring their passport (with a valid visa) and original educational certificates to enrolment.

All correspondence to Immigration Authorities on behalf of the learner is to be provided by either the Admissions Officer, or a member of the team. All international (non EEA) students must organise their own visa.

The last date for international applications for academic courses is 30 June 2017 for fully complete forms and receipt of all correct documentation. In our experience you will need at least 8 weeks to obtain your visa to come to the UK.

Any queries about applications should be directed to the Admissions Officer in writing or by e-mailing

If you are applying to the college via one of our approved agencies they will initially process your application form on our behalf and be the first point of contact.

To apply as an International Student please click here to download the application form


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