Students on courses lasting six months or more

If you are a student whose course lasts for six months or more, you are entitled to full health care under the National Health Service (NHS) from the beginning of your stay in the UK.

NHS treatment covers consultations with General Practitioners (GPs), hospital treatment as an in-patient and the treatment of pre-existing conditions.

Students on courses lasting less than six months

If you are a student whose course lasts for less than six months, you should take out private health insurance unless you are a national of a country that has a reciprocal health agreement with the UK. Reciprocal health agreements are limited to hospital treatment for conditions that arise during your stay in the UK, not pre-existing conditions.

EU/EEA nationals on courses of less than six months

EU/EEA nationals on courses of less than six months with a form E128 (obtained from your own national health authority before you leave for the UK) are entitled to treatment for all conditions, including pre-existing, on the same basis as UK residents. If you do not have an E128 form you will only be eligible for the treatment of conditions that arise during your stay in the UK.

You should be aware that charges are made under the NHS for medicines (prescriptions), eye care and dental treatment.

Further detailed information on healthcare can also be found here


All first year students coming to the College are advised to receive a vaccination against meningitis strain C before coming to Basingstoke. For further information on vaccinations on meningitis click here.

Statement of health  

It is advisable that you are health checked in your home country before leaving for the UK, and that you obtain any necessary documentation. When registering with a doctor in the UK, it is helpful to provide details of past illnesses, vaccinations, and other health information for inclusion in your medical records.


In the event of an accident or emergency, you can dial 999 from the nearest telephone. No charge will be made for the telephone call or for the attention you receive. Do not insert any money, as the call is free.

You will be asked for your name and address and which service you require: police, fire brigade or ambulance. In the case of a serious accident or illness needing hospital treatment, the Accident and Emergency Department (A&E) is open 24 hours a day at Basingstoke General Hospital.

Registering with a doctor  

When you arrive in Basingstoke and have enrolled with the College, you will need to register with a doctor. For information on registering with a local doctor visit Student Services, based on the College's South Site next to Reception.


Medication, other than aspirin and other common treatments, cannot be obtained without a prescription from a doctor. If you are given a prescription, take it to a chemist/pharmacy to get the medicine.

Patients usually have to pay for prescriptions (the charge is currently £8.40 per item) but you are eligible for free prescriptions if one of the following applies:

  • you are under 16 years of age, or
  • you are under 19 years of age and in full-time education, or
  • you are pregnant, or
  • you have had a baby within the last twelve months

If you do not qualify for free prescriptions under one of the above grounds, you may be able to claim for help with health costs on the basis of low income. You will need to obtain an HC1 form from a Benefits Agency office, a hospital, doctor, dentist or Student Services based at the College.

Dental treatment      

Charges are made for all dental treatment, whether you are registered as a private patient or an NHS patient.

You should ask a dentist if he/she is willing to accept you as an NHS patient as not all dentists will. Many dentists do not accept NHS patients, and those that do may not be able to accept additional patients.

If you are on a course for longer than six months you will be eligible to be treated as an NHS patient and will be advised on finding a dentist when you attend the induction.

Students who are studying for less than six months are advised to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for dental treatment. In all cases, it is advisable to have your teeth checked before coming to the UK.


Ophthalmic opticians located in various premises throughout the city carry out eye tests. An eye test will cost approximately £17 to £30, although if you are under 19 years of age and in full-time education you will be eligible for free eye tests.

Spectacles and contact lenses vary in price so it is advisable to shop around.

Contraception and family planning      

Confidential contraception and family planning services are available without charge from your doctor and local family planning clinics.

Financial help with medical, dental and optical charges   

You may be entitled to help with your health costs on the basis of low income. To apply for help, complete an HC1 form, available from the Student Services. You may receive help with all or part of your costs.


If you have a disability or medical condition for which you may need support in your studies please contact Student Services on +44 1256 306393 early in your application process to discuss support requirements. If you are undergoing any medical treatment or you have had any serious illnesses in the past, please bring a doctor’s letter/report with you in English. This should be on headed paper, signed by the healthcare professional and give details of your condition and how it will affect your studies.


BCoT has a counselling service which offers free, confidential and independent counselling to all students. The counsellors are onsite, located next to the Learning Resource Centre (LRC), who provide confidential counselling to learners, this is provided free of charge.

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