Can my current visa be used to study at BCoT?

If your visa is tied to another university/ college...

Since 5 October 2009, your permission to stay in the UK as a student is tied to the college or university whose CAS you use to apply for your visa.

If you have a visa for another college or university and you now wish to study at BCoT you will need to apply for a new visa using the email and CAS number we will send you.

If you are already in the UK, you must obtain your CAS from BCoT and apply for a new visa extension to start your course at BCoT before your current visa expires.

You are not allowed to enrol at BCoT until you have evidence that you have applied to extend your student visa or have obtained a valid BCoT visa.

If you are currently in the UK, you have two options:

1. Submit a postal application for extending your student visa independently.

You will be required to provide evidence that you have submitted your visa extension application to staff when you go to you complete enrolment. You will have to show copies of your last visa and passport and the receipt that you will have been given by the Post Office (we highly recommend you send your application by Special Delivery).

2. Apply in person at a UKVI premium service centre in the UK to extend your current student visa*.

You will then have your Tier 4 student visa for BCoT before you commence your studies in Basingstoke.

Only make an in person application at a premium service centre if it is imperative that you receive your passport back quickly. You must be absolutely certain that everything you take with you is correct.

*Check if you are eligible to apply via the premium service

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