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BCoT strongly believes that our dedicated and professional staff make the College a successful and enjoyable place to work and study. Our staff work hard to achieve this and we feel that it’s important to recognise when colleagues ‘go the extra mile’. 

All our staff stars below have been graded 'Outstanding' against Ofsted criteria.  

Philippa Pert - Lecturer for Travel & Toursim

Philippa has always been passionate about the travel industry, working in most aspects of the sector before starting her first teaching role at BCoT in 2015. Philippa teaches both travel and tourism and business at the College - studying her level 5 education and training qualification alongside.

"I love teaching, especially being in the classroom - that's the best bit! Over the past year I have enjoyed working with a number of different students and seeing them achieve is the ultimate satisfaction. I have a great team around me and everyone is so supportive of one another. I'm really enjoying my time at BCoT", says Philippa.


Paul Boddy - Lecturer for Music

Paul started his music career as a keyboard player with a touring functions band and has been a success in the industry ever since.

During the fourteen years he has been lecturing at BCoT, Paul has co-written a number of songs that became hits in Japan and France, as well as becoming an established collaborator with ex-Spice Girl Melanie C, co-writing and programming on a number of her solo albums.

His most recent industry work was on the track “Our History”, which featured on Mel C’s UK top 20 album “Version of Me”.  

“Working with well-known artists gives me a great buzz. It is very satisfying to see my work on a published album, it makes me very proud.”

Paul brings all this knowledge to really enhance his teaching and give students the best learning experience possible.  

“I enjoy teaching, it allows me to express myself and share my skills with the upcoming musicians, writers and producers we have at the College.”


Richard Hylton – Lecturer for GSCE Maths

Richard’s first job after graduating from university was in the Accounts department at Laverstoke Farm. He also worked as a private Maths tutor, before joining the GCSE Maths team at BCoT.

“I thought it would be like private tuition but on a larger scale! On my first lesson I was so impressed with how respectful the students were and how much they wanted to learn. My goal after that was to keep them motivated and on my side by making lessons energetic, fun and relevant.”

The enthusiasm and commitment from the Maths team was reflected in this year’s results which saw a 5.6% increase in grade A*-C, with a 96% attendance rate for exams.

“We are all hoping to emulate our success this year and I’m positive we will. For me it’s all about making a difference, giving young people who have previously failed the confidence to try again. When a student tells me they’ve learnt more in the first half term with me than they ever did at school I know I’m doing something right – that’s my motivation.”



Tahira Bashir - Lecturer for English GCSE 

Tahira’s teaching journey began in grand style working for the King of Saudi Arabia. She taught his daughters English and helped prepare them to travel the world. Tahira also helped and donated to charities whilst working there. She returned to the UK to spend more time with her family and has since joined the Maths and English team at BCoT.

‘“I really enjoy teaching English here. I feel like the students are my own, like my own children. I treat them like I would like my own children to be treated and I want them to succeed in life. If I can make a difference to an individual’s life through education, then I have succeeded.” 

Tahira also volunteers at the weekends, working with young people who come from abusive backgrounds helping improve their English skills.


Kat Taylor - Course Director, Travel and Tourism 

Kat, a former Travel and Tourism student at BCoT, started off her working journey as a holiday rep in Greece. She then worked as Cabin Crew for Virgin Atlantic before returning to BCoT as a lecturer. She has since been promoted to Course Director.

“One of the most fulfilling aspects about teaching is being able to share my passion for the industry with young people and inspire them for the future,” said Kat. “I love seeing students come back to the College who are now in industry because they have shown that they have believed in themselves and never given up on their dreams.”


Michael Oliver - Course Director, Computer Science

Michael began life at BCoT as a student before going on to become a part-time lecturer. He then progressed to a full-time teaching role and has recently been promoted to Course Director.

“I love everything about teaching, which is why I’m here,” says Michael. “I really believe I can make a difference to the lives of young people. Only yesterday I was with a student when he opened his results and he shouted “Yes!” and beamed with delight as he’d passed his exams. It was a wonderful reminder of why I do this job.”

Michael is delighted with his recent promotion as he is keen to continually challenge himself and develop his skillset. “In education, you never stop learning – it’s so important as it allows you to become a better teacher by sharing your own life experiences. If I can give a young person the skills and knowledge to leave college and become a valued member of society then I feel I’ve done the very best I can.”


Caroline Pharo - Course Director, Hairdressing & Barbering 

Caroline studied her Level 2 Hairdressing qualification at BCoT and went on to work at a salon in Basingstoke. She then returned to the College to complete her Level 3. During this course she was approached by the Hair & Beauty Head of Department, Sue Scott, asking if she would be interested in teaching. From there, her BCoT journey continued as she worked her way up the teaching ladder and is now a Course Director for Hairdressing and Barbering.

Caroline said the best thing about teaching is “having an impact on a student’s life and watching them progress from not having a lot of knowledge to being a fully trained hairdresser or barber.”

This is illustrated by a note Caroline found on her desk one day from a recently qualified student, which said:

“Thank you! You were such a fun and positive light when I was otherwise at a pretty gloomy stage of my life (teenage years… urgh). I always found engagement and support from you and I can’t thank you enough for not giving up on me when I wanted to give up on myself.”

“I smiled uncontrollably when I saw this message because the student had done it off their own back. It made me feel really appreciated,” said Caroline. 


Eddie Bergin – Course Director, Plumbing

Eddie Boiler.jpg         

Eddie worked in the plumbing trade for many years and was also a teacher in the military. He began his BCoT journey in 2013 and was proud to teach at the only college in Hampshire offering Level 3 plumbing at that time.

He says one of the best things about teaching is “seeing a student start with absolutely no knowledge, then going on to become a fully qualified, gas safe registered plumber with his own van and a bright future ahead.”

Eddie likes to stay in contact with former students to see how they are getting on because “it makes all the hard work so worthwhile.”

Training plumbing Apprentices is a big part of Eddie’s role at the College, with forty coming to college once a week to study on the L3 programme.

“I had a vision for us to provide trailblazer Apprenticeships, but in order to do that, we had to update our facilities to meet industry standards. This has now been done, and the College is now prepared to train the next generation of Apprentice plumbers.”


Terry Clarke – Hair and Barbering Lecturer/RAP tutor   

Terry owned a Hair and Barbers Salon in Basingstoke for 27 years. He joined BCoT in 2008 as a Hair & Barbering lecturer after selling his business. Since then, his job has evolved into learning support where he is now a RAP (Retention and Progression) tutor for Hospitality and Health and Social Care.

Terry’s job involves working with tutors and curriculum staff to respond and support students if they have attendance, attitude and punctuality issues.

“I love the relationships I build with students and staff, my role is fantastic!” said Terry.

He also enjoys the cut and thrust of the role as there is a mix of pastoral and welfare. “My job is so varied and it allows me to wear many different hats.”

Terry received a nomination for Lecturer of the Year in 2013, courtesy of his students. He considers this as one of his biggest achievements whilst working at BCoT,

“It shows the students appreciate the work I do for them, it was a real honour!” 


Vanessa Dooley, Lecturer in Early Years/Health & Social Care

Vanessa says she “absolutely loves" teaching and having the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge of young people. She is passionate about involving her students in activities and events, giving them opportunities to excel.  

It is important to Vanessa to build close working relationships with her students and, as a result, is well-liked and respected by all those she teaches. One learner said:

“Vanessa is amazing! She is so supportive of everything we do and is always there for us.”

Vanessa organises many different events throughout the academic year, helping to raise hundreds of pounds for charity and providing unforgettable experiences for BCoT students. Vanessa encourages all of her students to get involved and make a real difference to the lives of others.

Already this year Vanessa and her students have learnt how to surf as part of the National Citizen Service (NCS) Social Action Project. They also raised £429 for Breast Cancer Care through the Big Pink 2015 campaign.

“When I went to college I was inspired by my lecturer to work hard and make a difference to the lives of young children. If I can do the same for my students then my role as a teacher has been fulfilled,” Vanessa said.


Nicki Morgan -  Training Consultant, Apprenticeships

Nicki Morgan

Nicki started her working life as a pastry chef and now applies the same attention to detail as a training consultant for Engineering Apprentices.

Nicki plays an important part in an Apprentice’s journey as she is there to keep them on track and support them whenever they need help or advice. She works closely with employers to ensure her Apprentices develop their skill base and progress in their chosen industry.

During her time at BCoT, she has built strong working relationships with students and employers.

“It makes a real difference when you develop a bond, can communicate well and understand each other’s needs,” said Nicki.

As part of her job, Nicki visits her Apprentices at their workplace which is something she really enjoys.

“My job is all about helping young people to succeed in industry. It was great to get the recognition and confirmation that I’m doing this, and doing it well. It makes all the hard work worthwhile!” she said.   


Scott Hayden - Lecturer in Creative Media Production

 Scott Hayden New


In recognition of his ‘incredible imagination, passion, commitment and sheer hard work which transforms the lives of the young people’, Scott Hayden was nominated for a 2015 TES (Times Educational Supplement) award.

Scott is constantly evaluating and developing his practice, endeavouring to improve and keeping learning experiences fresh, topical and stimulating for his students. He invites feedback from his students on his delivery, methods and practice, and welcomes constructive commentary from colleagues.

Scott uses the latest technologies to engage and motivate his students in debate, discussion and reflection.  This has led to him earning the title of ‘Specialist Practitioner in Social Media and Educational Technology’.

Scott’s work has also impacted positively on the wider college.  He welcomes opportunities to share his excellent practice with colleagues both in and beyond the college through mechanisms like teacher forums, peer-training, attending regional #Teachmeet sessions.

One of his former students,  Andy Bainbridge, described Scott's teaching methods as:

“Second-to-none. In my three years with him I turned from an anti-social shy nerd to a forward thinking revolutionary, without him I imagine I would have fallen by the wayside. If you can find me anyone better than him I'd buy you all the tea in china.”


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