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Our Guide for Parents page also lists sources of support available.


Customer Services

Customer Services are open each day and can help you with any enquiries, they are situated on South site next to reception.

Student Welfare

If you need help with any travel or welfare enquiries, Student Welfare can be found in B101 on the North site.


If you are a full time student, then you may be able to benefit from one of our travel deals. These are available regardless of age or course. Call 01256 306393 for more information or view the forms below:

Financial Support

We offer a number of financial schemes to help our students. These funds can help with paying for kit, equipment, books, tuition fees (for those aged over 19).

The College also operates the Care to Learn scheme; this is for you if you have childcare responsibilities and are under 20 on the 1st September when your course starts. If you are 20 and over we have a small fund to assist with childcare costs incurred while you are a student. This fund is limited and the demand is high so you will need to ask early.


Childcare is available on site from the College nursery, which has repeatedly been graded as 'Outstanding' by Ofsted. Contact the nursery for more details.

Do you have children and require help with the cost of childcare (Nursery / childminder / after school clubs) for when you study? We use a household income threshold of £21,000 a year (not including benefits) to establish eligibility. You will need to provide your 2016/17 Tax Credit Notification. For further details please call Student Welfare 01256 306393.

Free Meals Scheme

You can get a free meal on the days that you are in College, if you are eligible for this scheme click here to find out more.

Student Support

Student Support is located in the Lower Concourse on North site, it offers a range of options to meet Additional Learning Support (ALS), mainly aimed at students with an Education Health Care Plan [EHCP]. Our focus is on learner autonomy and development of study skills. The Maths and English team also provide support with literacy and numeracy development.

A little about ALS needs and support

ALS is any activity that provides direct support for learning to individual learners, over and above that which is normally provided in a standard learning programme. The need for ALS may arise from a learning difficulty and/or disability. The aim is to help students to develop their skills and independence with the goal of progression to a higher level course or employment.

If a student has a statement or EHCP, our ALS Specialists provide 1:1, or small group support sessions outside of your timetabled lessons. These support sessions are tailored to individual learning needs. The days and times of the sessions may vary to accommodate your schedule.

For students who require support but do not have a statement or EHCP, there are additional lunchtime and assignment workshops that provide additional support. Details can be obtained from the Transition Manager in the Student Support.

We ensure quality support is matched to the learner's individual need and learning style.

To help provide students with the correct level of support, we complete an ALS Initial Assessment (a guided chat and possibly observations) at either the advice and guidance interview or after you enrol, to figure out what reasonable adjustments we need to put in place.

Our specialists' areas of expertise include:

  • ADHD
  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • Medical needs
  • Visual impairment
  • Hearing impairment
  • Adaptive technology
  • Literacy and numeracy

Any reasonable adjustments, outcomes from the Initial Assessment, and/or documentation from your school will help form an Individual Learner Support Plan. Plans will outline the reason(s) for your provision, support strategies and targets. These targets are set so you can stretch and develop your independent study skills and help you progress to a higher level course or to employment.

Our aim is to help facilitate your independence. In order to track your progress, we will review how you are succeeding as part of the RAD weeks held by curriculum departments. This will check how well you've met your targets and what our next steps should be.

Specialist Support Assistants

As a learner you are ultimately the one responsible for your learning, but you may also receive specialist in-class support along the way. Our Specialist Support Assistants are there to provide this and their work aims to help you develop the skills to achieve the targets you have. They may assist you alone or a number of other learners in your class, it just depends on what your needs are.

College Nurse

We have an on-site Nurse who is available to give any health advice or medical attention, the first aid office is located in G013 on the South site.

Extra time in exams

We will put in place access arrangements for coursework and exams if you have been assessed as needing these; this may include a reader, scribe, extra time, use of word processor, separate room or rest breaks.

If you had access arrangements at school, these will not automatically be carried over at college. Previous arrangements are invalidated by a move to a new centre, therefore, we have to re-submit all applications following an interview and reassessment. You need to book an appointment with the Specialist Assessor (Marilyn Berridge) in the Maths & English/Support Hub. Referrals for new assessments can also be made by students, parents or tutors. The exam boards set deadlines for submission of access arrangements and we have no control over these, so assessments need to be completed within the first term at college.

Help at any stage

It's never too late! If you haven't declared a need, but find yourself struggling, you can either self-refer, or have a tutor refer you, to Student Support, we will then contact you to set up an appointment for an ALS Initial Assessment.

Retention, Achievement and Progression (RAP) Tutors

We also have a team of RAP tutors who will take you in weekly sessions that are designed to provide a pastoral programme and support in moving to the next level of course or on to employment and university. Each department has their own dedicated tutor. These staff will have high expectations of your attendance and ability to meet deadlines. They are also here to signpost you to outside support when this may be required.

College Counsellors

College is a new learning environment with a lot of new and exciting prospects. At BCoT we understand that you may feel overwhelmed, either from stresses at school or issues you are having at home. We have counsellors onsite, located next to the Learning Resource Centre (LRC), who provide confidential counselling to learners, this is provided free of charge.

Mental Health Support

The college has a counselling service that students can be referred to – there is a counsellor in college 5 days a week and this is a free, confidential service. Students can refer themselves to the counsellor or ask a member of staff to assist them.

We have a safeguarding team at BCoT who are available to support students with any worries or concerns.

Each department also has a Rap (Retention and progression) tutor who is also available for students to talk to.


Helpline – 116 123

Local Organisations:

Young People’s Information Service – free counselling for 11 – 25 year olds 

Additional useful websites (A-Z of mental health) (online counselling service for young people) - suicide prevention – self-harm support organisation - Moodzone - NHS site with Tools and resources

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Call the Support Shop: 01256 306494
Specialist Support Tutors: 01256 306283


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