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Our Approach

We want to ensure that every learner who studies with us achieves. We are passionate about student development and want to provide the best resources and facilities that we can to ensure our learners succeed. 

Our Level 3 courses are the equivalent to A Levels and with an achievement rate of 89%, academic standards at BCoT match those of other local colleges. Regardless of what level you are at, we will always encourage you to achieve your best and will help you build confidence that will see you climbing through the levels to fulfil your potential.

We promote a more adult learning environment where you work with your teachers to manage your learning. You will have deadlines, homework and timetabled lessons but will be expected to use your free time responsibly. 

Active Learning 

BCoT offers a different way of learning. While some people thrive from classroom based learning, others prefer a more ‘active’ learning style. Our vocational courses combine academic study alongside practical application – so you get the ‘know-how’ and the ‘how-to’ under one approach.

Our courses are not just exam based – you will be continually assessed throughout your course. With formal assessments each term you will get an ongoing indicator of how you are progressing with plenty of time to make improvements.

Our teachers not only bring their industry knowledge to your lessons, but are also very creative in the tools they use to help you understand your subject. For example, the lecturer might flip your learning and get you to watch a video before your lesson or you might do online quizzes and surveys on your phone to build your understanding

Industry Links and Work Experience

As part of your course, you might undertake some work experience with a relevant employer in your chosen field. Work experience provides a great opportunity for you to get a taste of working life and see where your course could take you in the future. It will improve your understanding of your course, and teach you employability skills including time management, networking and teamwork.

We work with a wide range of local and national employers to make sure you get the best opportunities. As part of your course you will hear from guest speakers about career opportunities, the latest technologies and how they got into the industry. Some of our course areas are also linked with highly regarded companies in their industries such as Sandown MercedesBenz (Automotive), IMechE – Institute of Mechanical Engineers (Engineering) and Mike Taylor Education (Barbering).

Blended Learning at BCoT

We have looked at ways to make it easier for students to study alongside work and life commitments and want to provide courses that fit with students, rather than the other way round. Because of this need, we've created a suite of blending learning courses to make learning more flexible.


A team of academics and experts teach the course using video lectures, animations, exercises and interactive case studies; all of which are delivered through a bespoke virtual learning environment. Lessons are available on demand.

  • Access lessons and exercises on mobile, tablet or desktop at times that best suit you
  • Online lecturers will guide you through the course
  • Motion graphics, film and animations will help bring the subject matter to life

On Campus

Classes provide the opportunity to learn from experienced lecturers, who will be at hand to answer questions and provide guidance on progress and assessment. Classes will also be an opportunity to interact, discuss and debate with fellow classmates, helping with the application of theories to real world problems.

  • Learn in-class from experienced lecturers
  • Work on interactive and collaborative group exercises in class
  • Enjoy access to excellent facilities and award winning support

 Through a flexible and enjoyable learning experience - both online and on campus - our ultimate ambition is to help students achieve theirs.


Basingstoke College of Technology