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Introduction to Welding

Part Time

Course Overview

This course is designed to give you an understanding of the principles of MIG and TIG welding.  You will consider Health & Safety in the workshop, look at the equipment and associated equipment used, and techniques to produce a good finish.  After completing this course you will be able to set up & shut down welding equipment safely, distinguish between good and poor welds, and complete a number of welding tasks in using MIG and TIG welding techniques. 

The course does require a minimum of six people to run and has a max. number of eight that can attend.

The next course is planned to start 21/02/2018.

There is a payment of £10:00 required to cover the costs of materials.


Course Content

You will be introduced to MIG and TIG welding.
Wk 1:  Health & Safety assessment/safe workshop practices;  overview of course, equipment; Introduction to MIG welder - set up and shut down procedures
Wk 2:  MIG welding:  develop techniques - holding equipment at right angle and adjust speed of application.  Complete various tasks to develop technique: weld on thin plate in straight/curved lines
Wk 3:  MIG welding: basic joints (butt, fillet welds)  develop hand & eye co-ordination
Wk 4:  Further practice on welding joints (corner edge joints); complete task {BCoT}
Wk 5:  TIG welding:  introduction to TIG welding;  Health & Safety & use of equipment;  how machine works; how it differs from MIG welder. Develop techniques - holding welder, distance, pace/speed of application, practice on thin plate without filler wire.
Wk 6:  Practice with TIG welder:  complete variety of tasks - joints using fillet wire, cover all basic joints
Wk 7:  Further practice with TIG welder.  Project based tasks depending on individual development.
Wk 8:  Practice with either MIG or TIG welder to further develop skills.  End session with summary and progression routes.

Entry Requirement

An interest in learning basic techniques of MIG & TIG welding.  This course is for the complete beginner and you will need to be 19 years of age (as at 31 August 2017). 

You are advised that due to Health and safety that if you have a Pacemaker then you may be asked for a doctor's certificate.


Informal Assessment

Where does this course lead to

Depending on individual progress made on course, you will be advised as to L1 or L2 progression routes and accredited courses (18 weeks) - details to be provided by tutor. 

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Course Outline

Course Code: XEBL016
Study Mode: Part Time
Location: Basingstoke
Duration: 10 Weeks
Start Date: 21st February 2018
Day & Time: Wednesday, 18.30 - 21.00
Tuition Fees: £150.00
Registration Fees: n/a
Exam Fees: n/a
Fee Concessions
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